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Doraemon 3: Nobita no Machi SOS! Overview and Walkthrough

Doraemon, Anpanman and Sazaesan are most likely the 3 most preferred anime characters in Japan. Because of their future television programs everybody, from young to old
can identify them. However all three have fallen short to become preferred in the English speaking globe.

Doraemon was developed by Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko in 1970. Since then 1,464 stories have actually been released which have actually marketed over 100 million incorporated
duplicates around the world. The 2nd Doraemon anime has 1,787 episodes. Doraemon movies are launched on an annual basis, there are 41 up until now. So it is no shocked that it is the greatest grossing anime movie series ever. So far 63 Doraemon video games have actually been launched, and he makes appearances in numerous others. Since 2016 the Doraemon franchise business has actually produced at least 5.5 billion dollars of merchandise sales globe broad.

Doraemon is a robot pet cat from the future that stays in the desk drawer of the young boy, Nobita. He has a stomach bag which has unlimited dimensions so it can hold all of his key devices that they make use of on their adventures. His most famous device is probably the pink Anywhere Door that enables them to travel in time and space. In spite of being well-known throughout Asia, particularly in India, Doraemon stopped working to remove in the west, probably as a result of his horrible screechy old man voice.At site doraemon 3 game from Our Articles

Released on July 28th 2000 by AT Co, this is the third and last Doraemon video game on the N64. It features a multiplayer minigame mode with 9 games. The British
publication N64 Magazine assessed the first 2 video games, providing 60% and 52% specifically. They called them a little complicated and all too tedious Mario clones.

I would like to give thanks to Ozidual. Without his hard work, this overview would not have been feasible. He has actually been relentlessly scanning and uploading Japanese N64 video game
guidebooks at very top quality. He is also aiding in many N64 translation jobs and dealt with the trophy glitch precede Terminal Silicon Valley. I am really happy for your efforts towards maintaining video game background.

Rear of package

We have actually been energetically created in 3D for a 3rd activity video game! This time around, the 5 of us have gotten involved in the mystery of an unusual planet. Well, a
great journey will start! Do your ideal to help us return securely to planet!

Introducing Nobita’ s community in 3D polygons! Expect fulfilling many people!

When you consider Doraemon, the first thing that enters your mind is secret tools! This moment as well, they are really helpful all over!

Powerful bosses also show up! Whether you can defeat them or not depends on you!

Handbook Translation


In summer getaway Nobita was reluctantly researching at his desk. To stop him from overlooking his work, Doraemon was by his side.

Ah I ll never ever complete this research

Concentrate! Unexpectedly, something beaming fell from the skies.


A meteorite! In a panic Nobita dashed outside and fulfilled Shizuka on the street. She was holding
a fragment of the meteorite in her hands.

That s the meteorite I

simply saw Then Suneo and Gian appeared. They were both holding fragments of the meteorite

This looks like a coat of arms

I saw it burglarize 3 pieces airborne!

The four of them joined the 3 items of the meteorite together again.

As soon as the 3 pieces joined together a very bright flash of light radiated from the meteorite!!

Whoa! In a trance, Nobita concealed in a pipeline in the middle of a vacant whole lot. Many lightning bolts flashed across the skies over the community. Trembling and swaying the entire town rose and flew right into the room. The community touched down on a mystical earth.

Soon, some enigmatic robot soldiers appeared. One by one, they hounded individuals of the town. Nobita suddenly understood he might not see Shizuka, Suneo and Gian. In a panic he returned home, and woke up Doraemon who had actually been knocked out.

Let s browse the bordering location

Doraemon and Nobita’ s experiences had actually started once more …


(All various other statistics are regular unless specified.)


A cat shaped robotic from the 22nd century. He aids individuals in trouble with his key devices. His HP 8, and his swimming rate is fast.


A clumsy, careless young child. But he is great hearted and straightforward. His HP is 6.



A kind girl who always aids Nobita when he is being harassed. She likes being clean and taking baths.
Her HP is 6, her strolling and swimming speeds are quick and her leaping power is high.
The personality of choice for speedrunners. Unlocked after defeating their boss battle.


He harasses Nobita with Gian yet, genuine he is a shy young boy that is typically sad. His HP is 6. His rate is rapid and his jumping power is high. Unlocked after beating their boss fight.


He is constantly harassing Nobita however, he has a strong sense of justice. His HP is 10. Opened after beating their manager fight.


Doraemon’ s more youthful sister. She appreciates her younger bro, she is a robotic you can realy rely on. She resides in the 22nd centuary. Her HP is 8. Her jumping power is high and her swimming rate is quickly. Opened at the end of the game.


A young boy that survives the earth Dakuto, the place where Nobita’ s community lands.


Nobiru’ s more youthful sister. She is a kind lady that appreciates her older sibling.

Emperor Bugle

An evil emperor using a space suit. In order to check out lots of earths cultures he brings whole communities to earth Dakuto.


These are the controls for the major game. The mini-games all have their very own

  • 3D Stick – Move the cursor/character/free electronic camera
  • A Switch – Jump/ Swim/ Verify
  • B Switch – Assault/ Talk/ Return one food selection screen
  • C Up – Change to close video camera mode
  • C Down – Switch to large cam setting
  • L Switch – On the stage screen, conserve the game.
  • R Button – Switch to totally free electronic camera mode
  • Z Trigger – Recenter the cam behind your character
  • Beginning Switch – Time Out

Just how to begin the game

First choose one of the 3 files to save your video game to. You can likewise pick to copy コピーor erase クリア your data. Your game documents reveals you different data

  • The number of the area you are on
  • Your play time
  • The character you were using when you saved
  • The trouble (yellow – very easy, red difficult)
  • The variety of mini-games you can play